Dating story teen violent

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Dating story teen violent

"This type of education is not happening in any broad or consistent way.

For that reason, experts see education and other prevention initiatives geared at teens and preteens as one of the best hopes for halting dating and domestic violence."We know that education is absolutely crucial to breaking the cycle of abuse and strengthening healthy relationships," said Candice Hopkins, director of, the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline, which started in 2007 and receives about 90 contacts a week.

Ed Loos, a junior at Lake Forest High School, said a common reaction among students to Chris Brown's alleged attack on Rihanna goes something like this: "Ha!

She probably did something to provoke it."In Chicago, Sullivan High School sophomore Adeola Matanmi has heard the same."People said, 'I would have punched her around too,' " Matanmi said. "As allegations of battery swirl around the famous couple, experts on domestic violence say the response from teenagers just a few years younger shows the desperate need to educate this age group about dating violence.

Because young victims move in a different world than that of older people, they require unique interventions.

Text messaging and online social-networking sites, especially popular among teenagers, serve as tools for stalking and harassment.

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Because she's 21 and he's 19, many teens see them as peers.

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